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Past Puppies

GPA Registered Golden Pyrenees have exactly 50% AKC Golden Retriever and 50% Great Pyrenees in their pedigree.  For first generation Golden Pyrenees, both parents are AKC dogs (essentially an F1 Hybrid).  All other generations (F2 - Fx) are Purebred (Golden Pyrenees / Golden Pyrenees), but still 50/50 AKC Retriever/Pyrenees in their genetic makeup. For second generation all 4 grandparents are AKC dogs, for third generation all 8 great grandparents are AKC dogs, etc.. Golden Pyrenees as a distinct breed are not currently recognized by the AKC (as Golden Retrievers - 1925 and Great Pyrenees - 1933 once were not), but we are moving towards that goal. The GPA International Registry has been established to diligently record and assist in the development of the Golden Pyrenees breed.